stoneremaker SR3050

stoneremaker exclusive

Top coat for all mineral surfaces, such as artificial stone, natural stone, concrete, bricks, cemented screed, for internal and external use.

SR3050 has proven its efficiency when used for protection and value maintenance of building materials in industrial buildings, administrative offices, shopping centres, historical buildings and private buildings.
It is a permanent top coat made of mineral stone which protects mineral surfaces from the influence of the weather conditions, wear, contamination from mechanical stresses, chemicals, food and beverages, moss and algae formation.

What will you achieve with stonemaker?

  • Your stone will look good for a long period of time.
  • Less dirt will penetrate into your stone, which in a long run will ease your cleaning (ecologically acceptable, saving the polluting agents necessary for cleaning).
  • The surface rejects oil and water.
  • The surface is protected from the penetration of acids and and fats (such as red wine, cola, fats of all kinds).
  • Moisture penetration is reduced, which leads to fewer cracks from stress in the stone (especially in the cold season when the water inside the stone freezes and thus expands).
  • Long-lasting protection – due to chemical bond, our product is firmly connected to the stone and thus it can’t be washed out from the stone, which is the case with other types of coats.
  • It is not necessary to repeat the coating (because of the clean mineral structure of SR3050 we managed completely without polymers – this means that, in comparison to many others, our product doesn’t dilute in determined elements due to sun radiation and heat and consequently does not lose his efficiency after one year).
  • The openness of the diffusion regardless of the coating (your stone can still “breathe” and the surplus of water can get away from the stone).
  • The surface offers excellent protection from graffiti.
  • Your stone will be more resistant to mechanical stress (SR3050 has the effect of surface strengthening up to 1 Mohs).